Questions to Ask Before Talking to a Video Production Company / by Edward Lui

There's a lot involved with making a film for your business. As a full-service video production company, we provide careful planning when it comes to pre-production, creation and post-production of your film. If you're considering contacting us to produce a video for you, here are some questions to ask yourself and your team which will help us help you and allow us to come up with the best plan possible.

What kind of videos do you like?

Showing us examples of videos you've seen and liked will help us work on a proposal and quote for you. We will also be able to tell you which parts of your ideas are realistic to produce, and which parts we think could be done better.

What's your budget?

In business, some people like to keep their budget under the table. While this can be wise when purchasing something of a set value, like property or a physical product, in the service industry this can be detrimental. There are many different options that we can provide which can differ in value. If you walk into a restaurant and ask for a meal on a low budget, you could end up with a coke and a bowl of fries when really you could have afforded a nice three-course meal. We need to have a rough idea of the budget so that we don't end up either over servicing or under servicing you.

If we know your budget, we can come up with a proposal that will be suitable for your project. We will be able to tell you whether your ideas are achievable with your budget and suggest ideas of how you can keep within it. For example, a drone shot from the sky of a crowd could be something that is not achievable for the price you had in mind so we might suggest alternatives.

Remember, we work on full feature length films as well as small talking head corporate videos. Without knowing what you want, asking us for a price without any other information is like asking how long is a piece of string! Film production involves many different components.

What's your timescale?

If you have a deadline for your film project, then this is absolutely something we need to know right away so we can advise on whether it is realistic. Talking to us about timescales can help you with your planning, as we will be able to tell you how long we think your video could take to make, and when we will be able to work on it.

What is the video for?

When designing anything, it's necessary to have an idea of what the end function will be. What is the purpose of your video? Is it to promote a new service? To show how to use a new product? To educate or train? Or to advertise an event? We have listed some ideas of how you can use video here.

How will the video be used?

It is helpful for us to know if the video you have in mind is to be used as part of a wider marketing strategy like a product launch that is to be used alongside an email blast, something that needs to be in HD for a big screen, or a welcome video that is to be used on a website homepage. We may be able to provide the video in a few different formats if needed.

Will you be needing a series of videos?

If you'll be needing more than one video, such as a video every time you have a new product launch or a video for annual events, then this is something we can consider in our planning. We may be able to reuse some elements of the video to help keep costs down.

What length should the video be?

We work on documentaries, films and on clips that are only a few minutes long. If you have an idea of length in mind, then this will help us advise you on budget and whether the length is appropriate.

What will be in the video?

Do you have ideas for your location, such as your business premises? Do you have a script in mind or some questions to ask that could create an open response? Will there be any talking in it at all? Knowing these things helps us to decide whether actors, scriptwriting, sound or locations need to be sourced.

What's your end goal?

What would you like to get out of your video? That's the most important thing of all. Knowing your goals, whether it be increased brand awareness, expanding your customer base to new areas, education or proving the value of your event, will help us to understand what the return on investment from your film will be.

To arrange a talk with us about the film you have in mind, get in touch