What's Involved When You Hire a Video Production Company? / by Edward Lui

When you produce a film, there is much more involved than the videography itself. Video producers aren't just found in Hollywood, we work on all types of video production, from feature film to documentary and commercials. If you want a video for your organisation, it's not just a case of getting someone with a camera on board. There is the script, sound and post-production to consider as well. Fortunately, video producers have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to creating a film which makes the process smooth and the end product beautiful!

If you hire a full-service video production company like Urban Crane Films, what's involved? Generally speaking, there are three stages when it comes to producing a video.


In this initial stage, we listen carefully to your brief and what you want the video to be like. We take your creative ideas, requirements and specifications like dates, timescales and budget on board. Some people have very specific plans for their video and some just have a rough idea. We can work with you and give you advice either way.

Then we would decide what will be needed for the video shoot. Who will need to be there? We plan whether actors, scriptwriters, lighting equipment or extra videographers should be involved and work out a date and location that everybody can work together with. You may have a location you wish to use in mind, if not we can source one for you.

If a project is very ambitious, you may wish to develop a storyboard so that each part of the film is carefully planned.


Production begins when we start filming. The crew works together on capturing footage that will provide enough material for the post-production edit. This may mean filming from multiple angles, or filming scenes that can be used to supplement the video such as shots of the scenery. We use our experience and knowledge to ensure that the lighting, sound, framing and composition is perfect.

If there is talking or an interview in the film, that will be recorded in production. If we're filming somebody who is not a professional actor, we have ways of making them feel comfortable in front of the camera. Being filmed should feel natural and not as if you have been thrown in at the deep end as a TV presenter.


After the production work is over, post-production begins. The video and audio footage is edited down and composed in a way that best tells your story. Several hours of footage can be condensed down into a few minutes. You may wish to have text, images or graphics added into your video. If the film requires music, this will need to be sourced and edited. The colour of the video needs to be corrected so that it portrays the correct mood and brand image.

At the end of the process, you will be provided with a high-quality film (or films) that you can be proud of. To see some examples of our work, please take a look at our portfolio.