Promotional Films

Urban Crane produces Promotional Films. This encapsulates the qualities of Commercial Film whilst also being as functional as Promo Video. If you’re established or rising in the world of music, if you have a product that is going to change the world, if you design clothing that will define a generation, we will ensure that the world is introduced to you in the most creative and stylish way.


The Friday Kitchen

Cooking Show

Client: Shaz Saleem
Project: The Friday Kitchen
Director: Luke Tyrrell

The Friday Kitchen was a proof of concept cooking show aimed at 18-22 year olds making the meal time before the "out out" session more enjoyable and less of a chore.

Hosted by Chef Luca Floris and would have featured a celebrity guests with a group of their friends before a night out.


The Quadrangle

Luxury Home Promo

Client: Tyron Ash Real Estate
Project: The Quadrangle
Director: Luke Tyrrell

Tyron Ash is an independent luxury real estate agent. Urban Crane produced a series of Luxury Home promotional films with Tyron as the host providing a more immediate and dazzling context to online home browsing.


Kam Singh - I Love You

Music Video

Client: Kam Singh
Project: I Love You
Director: Kieran Bourne

Kam Singh approached us and wanted something different from his usual music videos. We produced a narrative based concept ‘A young man daydreams about the woman of his dreams but when he finally meets will all he's fantasised come true?’. Featuring model Agnese Agnese.


Jamie Benkert - Wicked Games

Music Video

Client: Jamie Benkert
Project: Wicked Games
Director: Luke Tyrrell

We teamed up with Jamie Benkert and filmed a cover of 'Wicked Games' by Kiana Ledé. Model Riava Mehay starred in this. Mixing up some coloured smoke along with an earthly colour grade to bring out the natural forest.


The Ragged Priest - Black Label

Fashion Promo

Client: The Ragged Priest
Project: Black Label Collection

Director: Elizabeth Bishop

The Ragged Priest came to us wanting a longer fashion video in which the clothing changes when the model moves to a different room. Syncing to the beat of the track as provided by the client, its a fashion video meets music video. Showing their new Black Label collection.


Reloading with Rosie

Web Series

Client: Edgar Brothers
Project: Reloading with Rosie
Director: Charlotte Griffiths

We were asked to film 5 episodes introducing people to the world of reloading, with presenter Rosie Jones as she learns how to reload like a professional this web series, Reloading with Rosie.

Check out the rest of the episodes on the Edgar Brothers web site.


The Ragged Priest - Holiday 17

Fashion Promo

Client: The Ragged Priest
Project: Holiday 17 Collection
Director: Elizabeth Bishop

The Ragged Priest wanted a series of videos showing their new Holiday 17 Collection. The theme was grunge and rock n roll, so we have elements of that on set on location in Shoreditch, London.

We filmed this in line with how the fashion brand is marketed and their target audience, we had attitude and mood rather than just glamourous as typical of other high street brands. This is a collection of the fashion films we've done (20x 30sec).


Joshua Vs Breazeale Highlights

Client: AJ Boxing
Project: Joshua Vs Breazeale Highlights
Director: Luke Tyrrell

We went behind the scenes to capture Anthony Joshua's defence of his IBF Heavyweight title against Dominic Breazeale. This short piece of promotional coverage gave viewers an entertaining insight into the fight day preparations and banter from Team AJ.


Recollections: August, 1957

Music Video

Client: Dominic Mason Music
Project: Recollections - August, 1957
Director: Kieran Bourne

A short film accompaniment for the third movement from Dominic Mason’s ‘Recollections’ Volume 1.

Album available to download from 16th June 2017.

‘August, 1957’ - A Short Film starring Charleen Meredith
Music and Poetry by Dominic Mason
Written and Directed by Kieran Bourne
Director of Photography Edward Lui

Shot on Location in Broadstairs, Kent


Nisrina Sbia

Fashion Promo

Client: Unlocked Branding
Project: Nisrina x Arzee NYC
Director: Luke Tyrrell

We teamed up with model and influencer Nisrina Sbia to create an art piece filming around central London as part of the global Arzee NYC campaign. In the post, we chose to overlay a poem which felt suited to the mood and direction of the film 'Tomorrow, At Dawn by Victor Marie Hugo' and have this translated into French. We wanted the film to portray the carelessness and tunnel vision of Nisrina even in a busy city environment.


The Ward Sisters

Influencer Video


Client: Unlocked Branding
Project: The Ward Sisters
Director: Luke Tyrrell

We spent an afternoon hanging out with the Ward sisters as they were doing some photography work with fashion brands as influencers on Instagram. The brief was to capture the products/brands featured.


Nini Nguyen

Fashion Promo

Client: Unlocked Branding
Project: Ten Avenue Campaign
Director: Luke Tyrrell

We worked with creative director Jessica Henig to help create a fashion campaign for Ten Avenue. Teaming up with model and influencer Nini Nguyen to show off the styling in the heart of luxury London.


Featuring Your Band… The Entourage!

Music Video

Client: The Entourage
Project: Featuring Your Band… The Entourage!
Director: Luke Tyrrell

Music videos are one thing and seeing a band play a multitude of party classics is another. The Entourage wanted a video to demonstrate their range of cover songs played that are guaranteed to give you a night to remember.